Hi, I'm Deven Blake. I'm just your normal everyday nerd.

translations of my name include:
ديفين بلايك
バレイク デビン (BLAKE Deven)

My pronouns are they/them.

My political compass co-ordinates are (-8.88, -8.56).

Look me up online.

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I'm TestOut PC Pro certified (which doesn't mean much, but I earned 2000 of the 2000 possible points on the certification exam). I have a functional knowledge of Python and almost grasp C.

You can contact me at...

[email protected] (preferably)

[email protected]

Services I'm on include...

1mb.site, blake.1mb.site

All Things Weezer, deven

ArchWiki, deven

Bandcamp, devenblake

Byte, d3ven

Codeberg, deven

CodeWalrus, deven

GitHub, devenblake

GitLab, devenblake

Goodreads, devenblake

ieddit, deven

Instagram, deven.blake

itch.io, ibukimaya.itch.io

Likee, deven

Mastodon, @[email protected]

MySpace, devenblake

Notabug, deven

Reddit, u/devenblake

Soundcloud, devenblake

Subreply, deven

Tumblr, devenblake

Twitter, unixuserdtb

None of these are guaranteed to still be on-line. I would much rather talk to you via email or Signal instead of using something like Facebook or Discord.


check out my favorite movies

here's a video of me waterboarding myself with mountain dew

check out a web browser landing page i made

here are my opinions on text editing

you just lost the game

here's my take on the git main thing

here's what i'm doing right now

have you been to devenzone?

here's my "kinlist" i guess

here are frequently (and infrequently) asked questions about me

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