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frequently asked questions

updated 2020-10-25

Are you religious?

The only god I worship is Hatsune Miku.

I messaged you on [platform] and you didn't respond. Why is that?

I'm not active on many platforms and the ones on which I am active tend to glitch out because I always have weird device setups. If you need to get in touch with me I highly encourage you to contact me via SMTP at the addresses on the site index. Unless you opened with something really weird, had I seen your message, I would have responded.

What genitals have you?

I understand neither why one would ask this question nor why they would expect an answer.

What's your sexuality?

I'm not currently interested in forming a new romantic relationship.

These aren't frequently asked but for the sake of completion I'll add them:

Are you {antisemitic,homophobic,racist,sexist,transphobic,xenophobic}?

Not intentionally.