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My opinions on git stuff

updated 2020-10-15

A lot of the Web (or, at least, the web I follow, which is a bunch of weirdos with fringe beliefs that affect almost nothing in the real world, except for when they do, which nearly always ends horribly*) seems to be fussed about GitHub's recent (as of now, though it was a long time coming) decision to make the default git branch `main` rather than `master`. Do I agree with this decision myself? Of course! A very nice person on the website Twitter.com explained this to me in the following way that made me finally understand it: If you're a black person whose ancestors were freed from the shackles of slavery a couple generations ago, you shouldn't still be pushing your work to master. And there are counter-arguments to this too; the git master doesn't represent a master/slave relationship!, etymologically it doesn't make a whole lot of sense!. Yeah? It's just sensitivity, really. I'm going to make my main git branches main because I want my projects to be accessible to all those that want to help - and a part of this is accepting changes to common practice that are made in good faith. Also because main is a better term anyway in my opinion because it's more descriptive and because 4 characters are faster to type than 6.

"Where does it end?" is a question I hear a lot. I'm not the one to ask. Our words have a greater meaning than we know. I'm sure in fifty years many of my opinions will be "products of their time" - and good! They are. In the nineteenth century the goal was to free the slaves (a goal not yet realized), in the twentieth century the goal was to have equality between men and women (not yet realized) of all colors (not yet realized). In the twenty first century we're now (some more keenly than others) aware of the LGBT+ community, being the community of those with non-standard identities and romantic/sexual orientations, and the importance of protecting the rights its individuals have. What's going to happen in the twenty second century? Who are we oppressing right now - who am I oppressing right now? I don't know. Time will tell if you listen for it.

This whole blag rant was much deeper than I intended for it to be, but I feel comfortable with my opinion. If I'm wrong I'm wrong in areas in which I meant well, and that's good enough.

* See: incels (I swear to god I'm not an incel I just kept track of the community because I thought it was funny in a depraved sort of way), qanon (none of this list makes me look good), furries.