Welcome to Deven's browser landing page!

This is a page I made with some useful links to kickstart your World Wide Web experience.

I've bolded my favorite sites (ones that impress me via privacy, security, or ease of use).

Sections that have bolded Roman numerals ("How do I read Roman numerals?") are services that are particularly important (in my opinion) for a web-goer to be aware of, with I indicating the most important category and II indicating the second-most important category (and onward).

Sections that have a bolded !P are categories of sites that tend to prey on users, like social media.

Sections that have a bolded !V tend to contain malware that can break your computer. If you're one of those magical tech wizards you can safely ignore this warning.

Sites are ordered alphabetically.

I Search engines:


Bing (owned by Microsoft)




II References:


!P Shopping on the World Wide Web:




!P Social media:


Instagram (owned by Facebook)


Reddit (here's the old version)

Twitch (owned by Amazon)

YouTube (owned by Google)


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I'm Deven Blake, the person who made this little landing page. I hope you enjoy it! It's 100% hand-typed HTML, feel free to snoop around.
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Email me using the address on my site if you'd like me to add anything. Don't be shy!

I consider web shopping predatory due to the frequency of misleading and fraudulent ads on the platforms.

I consider social media predatory due to most services' lack of moderation and frequency of dangerous and illegal content.

This webpage and only this webpage (not the content hyperlinked and hotlinked on this webpage) belongs to the public domain and includes no warranty.

Created 2020-09-13.