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deven's "shitlist"

updated 2020-11-19

This is my "shitlist", or list of things you shouldn't like (- I like some of these things but probably shouldn't). This is a list of public figures and brands, nothing personal. If you're on this list you're probably famous enough to not have to care.

I would like to mention that the omission of a brand or figure on this list does not make them good. "Good brands", in my experience, are just brands about which less is known. I am also a human and therefore biased.

You're welcome to suggest additions to this list via a pull request on this website's git repository, information about this can be found on the site index. Or just email me.

I sourced many links from the personal page of Richard Stallman (who, ironically, is also on this list).


Alphabet, Inc.

Alphabet CEO: Plan to target EU commissioner was not "sanctioned" by me (Ars Technica; Espinosa, Javier)

Google AMP Can Go To Hell (Polemic Digital)

The Google Cemetery (WPKube)

Google contractors reportedly targeted homeless people for Pixel 4 facial recognition (The Verge; Hollister, Sean)

Google's Play Store is giving an age-rating finger to Fleksy, a Gboard rival (TechCrunch; Lomas, Natasha)

Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click (SparkToro; Fishkin, Rand)

New lawsuit: Why do Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with Google via cellular data when they're not even in use? (The Register; Claburn, Thomas)


Amazon Argues Users Don't Actually Own Purchased Prime Video Content (The Hollywood Reporter; Cullins, Ashley)

Amazon: Cops Can Get Recordings From Ring, Keep Them Forever, And Share Them With Whoever They Want (Techdirt; Cushing, Tim)

Amazon Fire TV Update Bricks Hacked Devices (Hackaday; Osgood, Rick)

Amazon Told Police It Has Partnered With 200 Law Enforcement Agencies (Vice; Haskins, Caroline)

NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director (ZeroHedge; Pseudonymous ("Durden, Tyler"))

Once Again, GDPR Is A Potential Privacy Nightmare: Amazon Sends 1,700 Voice Recordings To The Wrong User In GDPR Request (Techdirt; Masnick, Mike)


See: Alphabet, Inc.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

See: Alphabet, Inc.

Apple Computer

Apple apps on macOS Big Sur bypass firewall and VPN connections (Apple Terminal; Sami)

Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained (Reuters; Menn, Joseph)

Developer ID certificate revocation (Johnson, Jeff)

Does Apple really log every app you run? A technical look (Jannone, Jacopo)

iOS, The Future Of macOS, Freedom, Security And Privacy In An Increasingly Hostile Global Environment (GitHub; Anonymous)

"On Big Sur, trustd is in Apple's 'ContentFilterExclusionList' ....meaning firewalls can't block it!" (Twitter; Wardle, Patrick)

Your Computer Isn't Yours (Paul, Jeffrey)


Comcast to impose home internet data cap of 1.2TB in more than a dozen US states next year (The Verge; Lyons, Kim)

Discord Inc.

Let's Reverse Engineer Discord (Medium; Wells, David) (Archive link)


As Facebook blocks the names of trans users and drag queens, this burlesque performer is fighting back (The Guardian; Levin, Sam)

Facebook accused of censorship after hundreds of US political pages purged (The Guardian; Tynan, Dan)

Facebook's Ad Algorithm Is a Race and Gender Stereotyping Machine, New Study Suggests (The Intercept; Biddle, Sam)

Facebook allowed violent posts by man charged with Ilhan Omar death threat (The Guardian; Swaine, Jon)

Facebook Apparently Won't Let Users Talk About Facebook's Lawsuit With Power.com (Techdirt; Masnick, Mike)

Facebook Blocking Stories About Richard O'Dwyer's Fight Against Extradition To The US (Techdirt; Masnick, Mike)

Facebook Censored and Deleted March Against Monsanto Event (March Against Monsanto; Derricks, Kelly) (Archive link)

Facebook declines to take action against Trump statements (The Guardian; Wong, Julia)

Facebook Has Added You As An Informant (OWNI.eu; Vatteble, Maxime) (Archive link)

Facebook is chipping away at privacy - and my profile has been exposed (The Guardian; Hern, Alex)

Facebook is secretly using your iPhone's camera as you scroll your feed (The Next Web; Mihov, Dimitar)

Facebook is using your phone's location to suggest new friends - which could be a privacy disaster (Splinter; Hill, Kashmir)

Facebook Overreacts: Decides All Of The Pirate Bay Is Illegal (Techdirt; Masnick, Mike)

Facebook Pitched New Tool Allowing Employers to Suppress Words Like “Unionize” in Workplace Chat Product (The Intercept; Fang, Lee)

Facebook's "Privacy Trainwreck": Exposure, Invasion, and Drama (Boyd, Danah)

Facebook's real name policy is a drag, and not just for the performers it outs (The Guardian; Zimmerman, Jess)

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments (The Intercept; Greenwald, Glenn)

How does Facebook suggest potential friends? Not location data - not now (The Guardian; Hunt, Elle)

Facebook is quietly pressuring its independent fact-checkers to change their rulings (Fast Company; Pasternack, Alex)

Identity crisis for Koko the Clown (Latrobe Valley Express; Darroch, Sam)

I now have an Oculus Paperweight (Reddit; u/mud_juggler) (Archive link)

Inside Facebook's Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where 'Camel Toes' are More Offensive Than 'Crushed Heads' (Gawker; Chen, Adrian) (Archive link)

Instagram shuts down Iranian accounts after Soleimani's death (Coda; Cockerell, Isobel)

"I have also...received an automated block..." (Hacker News discussion of "I now have an Oculus Paperweight"; dessant) (Archive link)

"I've just discovered that a Facebook employee reimplemented the app...and published it using the same name...so I can no longer publish my app without renaming the project." (Hacker News; dessant) (Archive link)

On Facebook, French Antiracists Fall Victim to Censorship (La Quadrature du Net)

When Facebook's "Real Name" Policies Can Kill (Weinstein, Lauren)

Why Does Facebook Keep Suggesting You Friend Your Tinder Matches? (Vice; Paul, Kari)

Women, LGBT least safe on Facebook, despite 'real name' policy (Engadget; Blue, Violet)


See: Alphabet, Inc.


See: Apple Computer


See: Apple Computer


See: Apple Computer


"Esoteric metrics...built into MS 365" (Twitter; Christl, Wolfie) (Archive link)

Microsoft's Creepy New 'Productivity Score' Gamifies Workplace Surveillance (Gizmodo; Stanley, Alyse)


4 Shady Facts Netflix Doesn't Want Viewers To Know (Cracked; Wears, Adam)

At Netflix, Radical Transparency and Blunt Firings Unsettle the Ranks (The Wall Street Journal; Ramachandran, Shalini; Flint, Joe) (Archive link)

The New York Times

New York Times Suffers Redaction Failure, Exposes Name Of NSA Agent And Targeted Network In Uploaded PDF (Techdirt; Cushing, Tim)


See: Facebook

Sherwin Williams

A College Student Behind A Massively Popular Paint-Mixing TikTok Page Was Fired From Sherwin-Williams (Buzzfeed News; Chen, Tanya)

The United States Secret Service

Secret Code in Color Printers Lets Government Track You (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The University of California

Campus Staff Took Advantage of Weaknesses in Admissions Processes to Inappropriately Admit 64 Students as Favors to Donors, Family, and Friends (Auditor of the State of California)


Yelp is Screwing Over Restaurants By Quietly Replacing Their Phone Numbers (Vice; Jeffries, Adrianne)


"[Apple] has pushed a silent update to all Macs removing a ...web server installed by Zoom" (Twitter; Wardle, Patrick) (Archive link)

FBI Warns of Teleconferencing and Online Classroom Hijacking During COVID-19 Pandemic (Federal Bureau of Investigation Boston; Setera, Kristen)

Foreign intelligence operatives are reportedly using online platforms and video-conferencing apps like Zoom to spy on Americans (Business Insider; Sheth, Sonam)

Google Told Its Workers That They Can't Use Zoom On Their Laptops Anymore (BuzzFeed News; Dixit, Pranav)

The 'S' in Zoom, Stands for Security (Objective-See; Wardle, Patrick)

Two more macOS Zoom flaws surface, as lawsuit & government probe loom (AppleInsider; Peterson, Mike)

US Senate tells members not to use Zoom (Ars Technica; Stacey, Kiran; Murphy, Hannah)

Zoom admits some calls were routed through China by mistake (TechCrunch; Whittaker, Zach)

Zoom lied to users about end-to-end encryption for years, FTC says (Ars Technica; Brodkin, Jon)

Zoom macOS install 'shady,' plus video chats aren't end-to-end encrypted (AppleInsider; Gallagher, William)

Zoom Meetings Aren't End-to-End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing (The Intercept; Lee, Micah; Yael, Grauer)

Zoom Zero Day: 4+ Million Webcams & maybe an RCE? Just get them to visit your website! (Medium; Leitschuh, Johnathan) (Archive link)

Zoom updates macOS installer to remove malware-like exploits (AppleInsider; Neely, Amber)

Zoom for iOS shares data with Facebook even if users don't have an account (AppleInsider; Peterson, Mike)

Public Figures

Biden, Joe

The complete truth about Joe Biden's LGBT record (OUTspoken*)

On The Record: A Former Biden Staffer's Sexual Assault Allegation (NPR; Khalid, Asma)

Harris, Kamala

Unpacking Kamala Harris's Record on Trans and Sex Work Issues (them.; Sanders, Wren)

Stallman, Richard

Disclaimer: I am a fan of much of Stallman's work.

Remove Richard Stallman (Medium; G., Selam) (Archive link)

Remove Richard Stallman: Appendix A (Medium; G., Selam) (Archive link)


* Possibly untruthful source


Title (Platform/publisher; name of author) (Archive link if website is down, paywalled, or SNS)